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Badb on the other hand looks wild and unrestrained. Her hair is a gigantic tangle of red fiery locks, wild, unrestrained, and big. Her eye makeup looks like a mask of a different sort, with sharp lines that emphasize an angry expression (scowling eyebrows and cheeks drawn back in a snarl). Her face also has additional piercings: a pair of snake bite lip piercings give her fangs and a nostril piercing emphasizes her nose and gives her a bullish, wild aspect. Her fingernails are sharp black claws. Babd’s clothing, while still gown-like is heavily influenced by armour. Her dress is highnecked, her bodice looks like a cuirass, and her left arm is sleeved in apparent scale-mail with a pauldron of feathers. Collectively Badb looks dangerous and powerful and angry. She is a wild warrior woman to the constrained royal of Morrigan.
Atoll Comics starts taking apart the designs of the Morrigan, using it as an example of how these things are core tools in comics. Go read the rest. (via kierongillen)

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I smell it in the air. It’s coming.


Halloween season.

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inspired by the thousands of these going around

[Part 2]

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It’s real! The first official Dancing Groot toy, from the amazing folks at Funko!

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Tatiana Maslany continues to prove on “Orphan Black,” there is nothing more astonishing than watching an actor practice his or her craft on multiple levels. (x)

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I entered in a nostalgic mood about Barbara Gordon and started to read the new run of Batgirl, wish Dinah would appear more there i-i maybe I should try the new Birds of Prey…

Babs and Dinah being friendly…

Orphan Black Comic Books.

Coming 2015 (x)

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Finally colored it. Need to catch up on Sailor Moon btw…




The only explanation for these awesome women don’t be together all the time… too many emotions to handle.

I absolutely LOVE this!

Off-duty heroes? Friendships? ALL THE GOOD STUFF!!!


Kate Bishop + tumblr text posts

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Stupid rat queens fan art/flash I made in 5 minutes with markers

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possibly the best logan/ororo moment so far


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It’s on netflix
A crucial component of any recommendation  (via gingerthon)

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