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Parting Shot: Disney’s ‘Haunted Mansion’ Ride Gets an Arkham Asylum Makeover

Inspired by prominent art from Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion attraction, artist Abraham Lopez has created “Haunted Arkham Asylum,” featuring Batman and other characters in his universe portrayed in “stretch art.” The idea is that the images at the top seem perfectly sedate, until they are stretched to reveal a far more sinister situation than previously believed.




Movie Posters vs DVD Covers for Kids’ Movies

I recently saw a gallery showing the difference between the artistic and dramatic tone to movie posters as opposed to their bright and colorful DVD covers, also shoving in minor characters into the mix.

SO many nostalgia feels at seeing the posters for Tarzan and Mulan here…


Batman & Robin print I’ll be selling at Wondercon!

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*doesn’t want to be in any pics at the obscreening*

*is in a million pics and looking a damn mess in every single one*

Still one of the best things that happened yesterday, including #curlnation

Favorite part of my day


Lucy (2014)

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Apparently waiting in line in the cold for 6+ hours leaves you with a hangoverish feeling the next day similar to drinking too much red wine.



I believe I can soar
you see me runnin’ through that open do-o-ooor

taking a break from sad Stuckys to celebrate Sam Wilson \o/

This is just TOO ADORKABLE :D

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7% cell phone battery
0% motivation

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I feel like the fandom needs a t-shirt we can wear, simply with the words: “SyFy can step on a Lego.”

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I think they call this a “Selphine”

I was there and slightly to the side for not only this pic, but the coining of the term “SELPHINE”.

Yes yes!  Cred goes to you!  I think it should totally be a thing.

Oh i didnt come up with it.The awesome person next to me did. i sadly didnt exchange tumblr’s with her. i was the mostly quiet guy with the fourth doctor scarf randomly poping into your groups convo’s because you guys were amusing.

Lol at my friend yelling “THE FEMALE ORGASM” while we were playing Cards Against Humanity.”

Oh wait, that friend is me, isn’t it?

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I think I forgot to post this one here. The always wonderful sobbingminotaur got some of my comics signed be JH Williams III last weekend. I’d already had Elegy signed by Rucka so this completed it! Soo happy. Now all I need is to get a sketch by him!

But, if it weren’t for my children, I’d have thrown myself from the highest window in the Red Keep. They’re the reason I’m alive. Even Joffrey.  

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